Money Point

Money Point

Money Point Money Point is located on the northeast tip of Cape Breton Island. There are two routes to this area:

- Turn off Cabot Trail near Cape North and follow road to Bay St Lawrence, through the town and turn right onto road before wharf (Money Point Road). Follow this road to the mountainside... this is the trailhead. Follow the trail up over the mountain to the Money Point Light access road.

- There is an old road that leads over the mountain to the money point access road, but you will require a good four wheel drive vehicle to reach it. Just past Cabots Landing on the way to Bay St Lawrence look to the right for a gravel road. Follow this road up over the mountain, past the radio towers, keeping right. Eventually the road levels and begins to descend slighly... you will encounter a fork in the road. Park and follow the grassy cart track left... this is the old Money Point lighthouse access road.

Follow the old track down the mountain and left along the coastline until you see the lighthouse. Please note that the descent to the coastline is quite steep and a challenging hike back out.

This is a wonderful spot to camp or picnic, with a great view of St Paul Island offshore. Look for eagles soaring down off the mountains behind you, or pods of whales swimming offshore.

Note: follow the trail back along the coast (to the right after the climb down) and you will find the rusting remains of an old shipwreck!

Category: Backcountry Hike
Region: Cape Breton Island


Nova Scotia Scenic Destinations: Money Point

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