Cape Chigecto Park: Eatonville

Cape Chigecto Park: Eatonville

Cape Chigecto Park: Eatonville Not far past Seal Cove the trail veers right to follow the coastline in around Eatonville Harbour. At one point before the trail turns inland there is a view across Eatonville Harbour, showing the "Three Sisters" sea stacks on the far side. Hard to believe that this area was once a bustling ship-building community of several hundred folks. All that remains are old wharf pilings, mounds of red brick, and a few old foundation imprints in the field next to Eatonville Road.

If the tide is receding, then a side trip to the Three Sisters is recommended. Follow the Eatonville River downstream to the mouth of Eatonville Harbour, then go right and follow the coastline a short distance until you see the sea stacks... an incredible sight and hard to miss.

At this point you may decide to return to Eatonville and camp in one of the many sites in the area, or continue onto the Red Rocks trailhead, following the third leg of the Chignecto trail.

Category: Backcountry Hike
Region: Minas Basin


Nova Scotia Scenic Destinations: Cape Chigecto Park: Eatonville

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